What is Stroll?

Stroll is a voice initiated dating app. It was conceptualized & created when the founders Claire & Loke were brainstorming over why there is such a huge stigma & friction towards meeting someone through dating apps.

Stroll was designed to make new connections easy & effortless – just like in real life. Amongst many other changes, the Stroll questions + voice chat skips past the “hey – how are you” phase and helps you jump right into the thick of it – Both of you already liked each other’s profile, no?

With the Stroll questions, it’s not just the answers you give, but also the questions you ask that reveal a lot about you as a person.

The voice initiated function allows users to naturally filter out Tone and Sincerity amongst many other “human” traits. You can text somebody for months and not get their vibe. But within the first few minutes of a real life conversation, you’d often know if they’re your tribe or not. 

Well we can’t exactly bring you face to face, but this will do for now. (Goofy emoji thumbs up)